Lolita Bag

Lolita bag is a bean bag in Tecnoraso fabric, available in different colors, delivered padded and Made in Itally.


#### The ergonomic and functional design of the bean bag.
Lolita is the first product released by Creativando and is the reinterpretation of a 70s design icon: the bean bag.

Comfort (thanks to the padding in polystyrene beans, that fit perfectly to the shape of the human body) and the great versatility of use, make the bean bag a product of great aesthetic appeal and reliability.

#### Characteristics
**Wide range of colours**

Lolita is available in many colours, from the basic black and white, to the bright and modern colours, including pastels and the classic and furnishing tints, such as grey, beige or brown. To ensure all the colours to suit your style.

**Care for manufacturing**
Lolita is handmade in our laboratories, with great care when selecting finishing and accessories: high quality thread for sewing, security zipper and padding with high-density polystyrene beans.

#### Materials
The Tecnoraso used for assemble Creativando’s Lolita Bag, is a fabric with extraordinary features, made in Italy and usually used for the production of technical clothing (sailing, mountain climbing, extreme sports); it is a high quality fabric and combines aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality.
The security zipper and the triple seam (flat and cut&stitch) ensure absolute tightness and resistance, also thanks to the used thread.

**Special padding in polystyrene beans**

Even the padding is a quality guarantee. The density of polystyrene beans, in fact, is almost double than the current standards of the market and this ensures a long duration in time, avoiding the sitting to lose its natural shape and consequently the ergonomic features that characterize it.

Lolita is also available in Nylon and Ecopelle. Some special editions of Lolita are also available, with fabrics such as Jeans or Nylon digitally printed with exclusive graphics.

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