The Round Tray Love Is Not A Toy

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Love is not a toy

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Technical sheet

Dimensions 37 × 37 × 4.5 cm



atoxic, lead-free


artisanal, Made in Italy


Fruit bowl, Kitchen accessory, svuotatasche, Tray


printed brown cardboard box


Laura Ellero

Ceramic trays

The trays from the Heart Gallery collection are practical and beautiful to use as artistic decor items as well. They are circular trays with a diameter of 33 cm. For serving coffee or bitters at the end of a meal.


The simple shape is embellished by decidedly contemporary decorations: the depiction of Van Gogh by Steve Kaufman, assistant at Andy Warhol’s New York Factory, or the pictorial and graphic patterns of Laura Ellero, Italian artist and designer.

Laura Ellero

Laura Ellero is an Italian artist with whom Creativando collaborates since its origins. Laura Ellero is able to see in objects and spaces what is not possible for others, she works having in mind the transformation and the result she wants to obtain. Original, without compromise. Free, without restrictions.


Heart Gallery ceramic trays are handmade in Italy and the production cycle is eco-sustainable, with firing ovens powered by photovoltaic panels. A simple and loving contribution to a lifestyle that is not only more creative but also more ecological.


All trays are produced using selected Italian clay and non-toxic enamels, free of lead or other substances harmful to health, in accordance with the latest European regulations.


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The Round Tray Love Is Not A Toy
55,00 inclusa IVA
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