Who we are

We are Creativando

Creativando style is for those who appreciate contemporary art, the design useful and not finalized on itself, for those who love living among colors, but especially for those who search for beauty and originality in the products to decorate the house or to give to people who know how to recognize the creativity of thought and manufacturing quality of Made in Italy.

Objects and complements conceived and realized to surprise and entertain, with a strong personality and a great visual and stylistic impact, where inspiration, materials, design, irony, functionality and artistic interpretations merge to give life to stories of extraordinary creativity.

We think about them

A work of art, an everyday object, an image or a phrase that gets stuck in our head. We draw inspiration from everything around us, re-elaboratinginventingexperimenting… getting creative: Creativando.

We design them

The initial idea becomes a drawing, or rather, a lot of drawings. We try out different shapes and forms until we find the one that feels right. This is where the actual design comes from: the one that will eventually become a finished product. An object with an original story to tell.

We produce them

Our products take shape in the workshops of expert Italian craftsmen and women, under our supervision. We also participate in their production, carrying out particular stages of finishing and assembly, always with great dexterity and attention to detail.

We sell them

Today Creativando distributes its products all over the world
Our philosophy is very simple. A small artisan reality that has made its strengths its creativity and service and that puts a lot of passion in all things.

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