Art Panels

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If the walls could talk…


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Technical sheet

Dimensions N/A

3 mm


with tacks or tape


Made in Italy


Bear, Butterfly, Dog, Dream, Fishes Love, Flower Pop, Lips, Love, Skull, Smile


Romero Britto

Art Panels decorative panels

The Art Panels. A simple and innovative concept. These are ** artistic works ** of universally known names but also of less known but emerging talents.
They represent a creative, artistic and pleasant solution for ** decorating a wall **, for those who love art and originality.


The collection currently includes 9 different models, created by reproducing the original works of Romero Britto, one of the most renowned and talented artists of contemporary Pop Art.


The decorative panels are made of 3 mm thick aluminum, with a “black core” that draws a profile of undoubted effect. On the back, spacers are applied which have the dual aesthetic function of distancing the panel from the wall and also the technical one as they have holes to be used for hooking the panels themselves.


The Art Panels are particularly light, easy to apply to the walls in two ways: either with a simple wall nail or by using the double-sided adhesive already positioned on the spacers. In this case, the panel can also be glued to a door or smooth surfaces such as windows or other.


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Art Panels
49,0069,00 inclusa IVA
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