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LE CHIAVI DEL CUORE it’s an heart made in italian ceramic which is part of the Heart Gallery collection by Creativando

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Scheda tecnica

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 12 cm

Box lined with red coated paper 17x17x11 cm




atoxic, lead-free


Gift, decoration, paperweight or simply message


artisanal, Made in Italy

Accessories included

Nickel key


Angela Cavazza

#### Heart Gallery ceramic hearts
**Handmade. Conceived with the heart.**

A Heart Gallery collection’s **ceramic heart** is an original message, three-dimensional, made with a unique production technique. Infact, it doesn’t reveals unglazed points or surfaces, as it usually happens for the parts that lay on the floor of the ceramics kiln.
A Heart Gallery heart is well-finished and coloured on each side. You can hang it or lay it as you like, it’ll always be beautiful to look and touch.

Each heart is **handmade in selected workshops**, where clay, water and fire materialize into a masterpiece of art and design: a precious product, in pure italian ceramic.

The **production cycle is green**, starting from the controlled source of the clay and the furnaces powered with photovoltaic panels. A simple and loving contribution to a lifestyle, not only more creative, but also more eco-friendly.

#### Design
interpreted by many artists, graphic designers. Worldwide.

**More than 70 ceramic hearts available**. The great participation of artists from all over the world and the reproduction of Pop Art ”celebrities” works, such as Keith Haring or Steve Kaufman, make Heart Gallery a unusual collection and, above all, unique.

The values and the messages that can be found in each heart, make these objects an exclusive gift.

#### Features
**Piece of furniture, decoration or paperweight.**

The heart can be used as a paperweight and decoration, thanks to the small removable hook that lets you hang it on the wall or any other support.

**An original gift idea.**

The great graphic choices, fine arts, poems, materic intuitions, make the Heart Gallery ceramic hearts collection an original and peculiar gift idea in every situation.

Each heart spreads a message, to express or share someone’s emotions: love, good fortune, friendship, gratitude, art…

#### Materials
**100% Italian ceramics and non-toxic glazes.**

The hearts, such as every Heart Gallery ceramic products, branded by Creativando, are finished with non-toxic, unleaded glazes, which do not contain harmful substances, in line with the latest European standards.

#### Package
Since they are suitable to be gifted, we’ve studied a particularly elegant package for the hearts. It is a squared box, coated with matte paper, with a silver base and red cover; beautiful itself as a gift.


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Cuore di ceramica bianco con grafica di Cinzia Pascutto
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