Luggage tag #MYTAG

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Accessories included

Black elastic and sticker


PET, thickness 1.2 mm


Made in Italy


Manuel Stefanutti


Amuleto, Businnes Trip, Fucking Luggage, Head in the clouds, Island, Signal, Volare, Oh , Oh…, Where/When

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#MyTag is the label that will distinguish and make your travel baggage unique, but not only. It can be used in many ways. On the school or leisure time backpack, on the “everyday” bag or even on the door of your room or your office to give them a touch of creativity, uniqueness and color. A label, a thousand possibilities.


Large format, great resistance, great recognition. An important and unusual dimension, but precisely for this reason different and “catch eyes”. Very attentive, the choice of using rounded corners that greatly reduce the risk of breakage and chipping during travel. Every detail is designed to ensure maximum pleasantness and at the same time maximum durability.

The materials

The choice of the materials used, as always, is essential. The label is made of an innovative PET, 1.2 mm thick, structurally resistant to shocks and all the pitfalls that a journey entails. It is also completely PVC-free and therefore environmentally friendly and recyclable. The 2.5 mm elastic cord in black color combines flexibility, absolute resistance and aesthetics. On the back, to write your name and address there are two possibilities: either the supplied and removable sticker, or a simple indelible marker.

The graphics

Creativando style is always present. Color, originality, creativity and a touch of pleasant irony are never here. Total Stripes Letters is designed by Laura Ellero and Renzo Schiratti; Color Dream from Erichetta Novello and Renzo Schiratti, while the other eight graphics are signed by Manuel Stefanutti. #MyTag, on request can be easily customize even for small quantities and without restrictions of shapes and colors.


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Luggage tag #MYTAG
7,50 inclusa IVA
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