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TRIS the first umbrella stand wich provides for three separate containers of three differents heights for umbrellas of differents dimensions.
In fact today we have umbrellas in various sizes and often the littles are cruched and ruinded by the greatest: TRIS resolves the problem. In addition, fundamental aspect, even the smaller umbrellas can be entered without having to bend down.

Not only umbrella stand, TRIS can be used as a plant box; Inspired by the modern New York towers, TRIS has a linear and simply design, characterized by the decision to reduce the form through the holes which are a reminder of the windows of the great futuristic buildings. Tris has been conceived and designed by CDT (Creativando Design Studio).

Tris is a 100% made in Italy product. Made by a sheet metal and painted with epoxide paint which grant resistance and durability.
Dimensions 22x22x54h


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