United Colors On Blue

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An artistic tribute to our planet: ceramic, color, concept. Together to create each unique and different but wonderful Planet.

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Technical sheet

Weight 2.650 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 cm



atoxic, lead-free


Plexiglass ring, Varnished wood 18x18x5,5 cm


Stainless steel


artisanal, Made in Italy


United Colors on Blue


Erichetta Novello


printed brown cardboard box 25x28x22 cm

Everyone’s Planet.

There are many planets. But ours, the Earth, is unlike anything else to be found in the entire Universe. Five billion years old, yet so young and contemporary. Throughout its long, beautiful history, oceans, seas, rivers, forests, deserts and mountains have created a fascinating, inimitable environment as if by magic.

A collection that’s unique. Like the Earth itself:the We Planet Collection by Creativando is born.

A series of ceramic globes, hand decorated and interpreted conceptually and graphically by artists, graphic designers, illustrators and thinkers, in which the message to pay attention to the planet integrates with and is enhanced by the art and the myriad directions and colours of its interpreters. Unique, precious, unrepeatable works; little masterpieces of craftsmanship, in which stories of ingenuity, creativity and beauty meet their fate. An exclusive object of beauty to be gifted or given to oneself.

To remind us each day of how much beauty we are surrounded by and how the effort of us all could play an important role in creating a better future.

The We Planet Collection is handcrafted in Italy, using Italian clay and lead-free non-toxic glazes. Moreover, the ceramic ovens are powered by solar energy. A collection that will amaze you, with its beauty, magic, colour and art.

The We Planet Mission: a great event.

We Planet originated from the idea of raising public awareness about a resource so beautiful and precious as to be irreplaceable: our planet, the only one we have.

One hundred artists from across the world interpret the subject Earth. Works that are unique, tactile, three-dimensional, creative, astonishing, and more importantly, large in size (diameter 130 cm) are to be displayed all over Milan to coincide with another grand event: the Salone del Mobile. Something never seen before. The most beautiful and significant squares and streets in the metropolis are being turned into a large “open air” art gallery dedicated to a single subject: our planet.

An artistic event of great significance, unparalleled and a world first.
Something extraordinary and fantastic that embraces thousands and thousands of people of all races and ages. An innovative, powerful, positive, captivating and ethical message.


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United Colors On Blue
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